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    Can the New Toys R Us App Save The Company from Total Annihilation?

  • Toys R Us” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia Following the company’s worldwide announcement of bankruptcy, Toys R Us appears to be placing a lot of focus on its online presence. The UK company has spent the weeks updating their website and developing an augmented reality app, while stores are building interactive areas for kids to play in. Speaking to USA Today, Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon explained that by building online and [...]

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  • IKEA’s Pilot App and the Rise of Online Immersive Experiences

  • Long gone are the days where people were only able to look at things as outsiders, when the only option was to watch a story or observe catalogue pictures designed by someone else. Modern technology has enabled the creation of much more immersive experiences, and things like virtual reality and live streaming are changing the way we watch films, play games, and shop. Now that the furniture giant IKEA has [...]

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  • Political Jargon: How to Lighten up the Monotony in 2017

  • As you will no doubt know, here at Politicops, we think that the world of politics can be taken a touch too seriously at times! Our take on the news might sometimes feel like it is flying in the face of the common “message” delivered by the no longer “fair and balanced” Fox News (a slogan that satirists worldwide were horrified to see ditched by the conservative news channel) and [...]

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  • 4D Planning is a growing planning consultancy and architecture practise in London and Manchester

  • The office was set up in 2010 by Elie Osborne. Elie worked in multiple award winning architectural practises in London and the Middle East focusing on many diverse architectural projects. It was clear that planning was the biggest hurdle for architects to overcome. Architects would spend months if not years designing every detail of a proposed scheme only for it to be rejected by the planning officers and planning committee. [...]

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  • 4 Main Reasons Why Many Traders Make a Loss

  • Trading can be extremely lucrative – but it is also risky. Many traders often end up making a loss rather than a profit, especially when they first start out – and the truth is there are several reasons why that is the case. By knowing the main reasons why many traders make a loss, you can make sure that you don’t end up in the same boat. With that in [...]

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  • Obama Funds Anti-Bibi Campaign: “CIA Traditionally Took Care Of Dangerous Governments”

  • "I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride”

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