Trump Calls To “Prosecute The Breastfeeding Stripper From Bernie Sanders’ Rally”

A mother’s breastfeeding photo has once again grabbed the attention of social media users. Only this time, the young mother was photographed at a Bernie Sanders rally in Barberton, Ohio, feeding her daughter in the middle of the cheering crowd. “While there, she got hungry like babies do,” Margaret Ellen Bradford said on Facebook. She added that she wasn’t aware she was being photographed during the rally. Since being photographed, the image of Bradford breastfeeding her daughter Harper has spread across the Internet, inspiring the hashtag #BoobsForBernie.

Donald Trump, however, is a fan of neither Bernie Sanders, nor, apparently, women who breastfeed their babies in public. Commenting on Sanders’ rally, the billionaire businessman stated that “breastfeeding a child in public is one step away from becoming a professional stripper,” adding, “you don’t want to grow up and have someone show you a picture some day of you sucking on your mother’s naked nipple in front of hundreds of idiotic supporters of an even more idiotic presidential candidate. I know I wouldn’t.”

The real estate magnate said that Bradford “permanently damaged her child by allowing other men to see her naked breast with a kid attached to it,” as well as that “she directly endangered the life of her baby,” for which she should, apparently, be prosecuted. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the generations of today,” Trump said. “All they do is get drunk, get high on drugs, then go off and do stupid things, like get tattoos and have drunken sex. And guess what that leads to? Exactly, cases like this one, where a girl who should still be in school or college already has three children and bares herself in public like it’s nothing. She needs to be punished, she needs to be prosecuted for child endangerment and put in jail.”

“And let me tell you,” the media mogul added, “this goes to show the kind of people Bernie Sanders has voting for him. And you know why? I’ll tell you, because only drunkards, pensioners and stripper-sluts are stupid enough to buy the loads of crap Bernie dishes out every time he opens his mouth. The man should be put in a retirement home, for God’s sake. What’s he going to do in case of a nuclear attack as President? Grab his wheelchair and drive out of the White House? He’d be better off blowing his pension money at a strip club, possibly the one with the same stripper that whipped out her breast at his rally. That is, when she gets out of jail.”

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